Understanding Costs

Understanding the Costs

Modern Conceptions understands creating a family can be both emotionally and financially taxing. Therefore, we work diligently to minimize your surrogacy costs while maintaining the highest level of service. Modern Conceptions agency fee is competitive and there are no hidden fees. We commit ourselves to provide our intended parents with transparency about our fees and in the estimates of the surrogacy and medical expenses.

Surrogate Compensation Amount
First-time Surrogate compensation ​ $50,000
Experienced surrogate compensation $55,000
One-year term life insurance policy $300-$600
Embryo transfer fee $1,000
Maternity clothing allowance $500
Travel Expenses (if applicable) include airfare for the surrogate and a companion for the screening appointment and embryo transfer and/or retrieval procedure; hotel accommodations, airport parking and a $75 per day meal allowance (including travel days) Varies
Variable Compensation Amount
Compensation for multiples $5,000
Hysterectomy $5,500
Loss of uterus $2,500
Loss of ovary(ies) and or fallopian tube(s) $1,500
Cesarean section $2,500
Termination or selective reduction $750
Invasive procedures (amniocentesis, CVS, D&C, etc) $500
Medical bills/expenses Varies depending on the insurance
Medical insurance for carrier (includes monthly premiums and medical bill costs) $13,300-$29,000
Pumping breast milk $100/per week plus cost of supplies and shipping
Bed Rest Compensation Amount
Lost wages (based on surrogate income) Varies
House cleaning $100 per week
Childcare $150 per week
Professional Fees Amount
Agency fee $20,000
International fees $25,000
Legal fees $7,500 to $10,000
Escrow account management $2,000
Psychological fees $1,000
The Expenses Listed do not Include the Following:
  • Fertility Clinic and medication costs
  • Egg donor fees if one is needed
  • Health insurance policy premium