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About Modern Conceptions Surrogacy Agency

Established in 2018, Modern Conceptions was built upon a passion to help people pursue their dreams of having children and building families. Wanting to be more than a service, we created a system that focuses on relationship building and access to additional resources. We don’t just match clients, we get to know them on both personal and professional levels. At Modern Conceptions, we believe in providing personal support for both intending parents and surrogates from the very beginning stages, throughout the journey, and far beyond the delivery. Our mission is to be a reliable and friendly support system to ensure individuals the smoothest, most stress-free experience possible. We are deeply invested in each relationship that we build and offer our lifelong support. With Modern Conceptions Surrogacy, you can depend on the most distinctive, respectful, and unmatched service possible.

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Meet Aleah Lewis

Aleah is the founder of Modern Conceptions and is an Oregon native. She is a mother of one to her son, Tyree, who keeps her on her toes! She loves spending time with her family and visits them whenever possible. Aleah’s passion for surrogacy began with her dear friend who was a surrogate four times. Supporting her friend through all of the journeys, Aleah was able to experience the impact that surrogacy had on people’s lives. Deeply touched, she dedicated her skills and resources to build a surrogacy agency that was truly unique.